Tandem Axle Trailers - Enclosed Dual Axle Cargo & Utilitiy Trailers

Due to the pandemic, all trailers are currently on back-order. Please call us at 727-346-6423 for more information or to order your trailer.

We offer excellent tandem axle enclosed trailers for sale at low prices. Our Enclosed Dual Axle Cargo Trailers are made with all tubular steel (strongest possible), triple tube hitches (many of our competitors only have two tubes in their hitch), LED tail lights, 3/8″ plywood walls & 3/4″ plywood floors.

We have two different  Fully Enclosed Tandem Trailer tandem axle series. The Ranger series is our entry-level enclosed cargo trailers, and our Elite series, which is our top-of-the-line dual axle trailers.

The Elite series has a 24″ stone guard the Ranger series has a 16″ stone guard. The Ranger series has a bar-lock side door and the Elite series has a flush-key lock door.

The Elite series has all LED lights (tail lights and running lights), the Ranger tandem axle enclosed cargo trailer series has incandescent running lights. The Elite series comes with Radial tires, Ranger has bias ply. The Elite Series has a choice of 6 colors, Ranger comes standard in white.

The Elite dual axle enclosed series has a bullet or flat nose, Ranger V-nose or flat nose. Standard interior height for the Elite series is 6′ 3″ while the standard height for the Ranger Series is 6′. The walls of the Ranger series are 24′ on center while the walls of the Elite series are 16′ on center.

The Ranger series offers limited customization while the Elite series is fully customizable with our options list.

We Now Have a Mandatory Angle Bracing Fee for 8.5′ Wide Trailers 7″ 6′ or Taller or 8.5′ Wide Trailers 28′ or Longer @ $17.5/ft.

If you have any questions about our dual axle trailers please call us at 727-346-6423 or use the chat button on the right.

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Everything one needs to know about Tandem Axle Trailers

If you are aware of the meaning of tandem then you will be able to understand what dual axle enclosed cargo trailer is. The term Tandem means one thing following the other one. Ao a trailer that has two axles where one will be behind another will be termed as dual axle cargo trailer.

The quality of the ride will depend on the trailer axle and which is why it's very important to purchase the right one. One needs to look into certain technologies when they are opting for dual axle trailer depending on the count of the axle on the trailer. It will determine whether it is single or double. The dual axle trailers will have two wheels.

If you searching for the motorcycle trailer then you will have several options each having different configurations. The basic thing that you need to know is whether you want a single axle or dual axle. Each of them has its own benefit but it is very important to know whether it will cater to your work or not.

As there is a lot of variety so can be quite complicated if you purchase it for the first time. All the model will be categorised depending on the number of axles that the trailer is having. The axle of the trailer will determine your experience with the product. The basic thing will be to understand what are the key differences between the models of having a different count of wheels and pick the one that is going to fit all your requirements.

What makes a tandem axle enclosed trailer more beneficial in terms of functionality?

  • Tires: When you are opting for a tandem axle enclosed cargo trailer it will be more beneficial because it will allow you to carry more weight and it has a better capacity. The wheels will definitely have a big diameter. If you are opting for a single axle then there is a chance that it is going to get damaged and it will create a huge issue. When you are opting for the multiple axles then it will definitely increase the durability of the model and will resist against any type of serious damage.
  • Load distribution: The dual axle trailer will help the load to easily spread over the broader portion of the surface or frame which will help in providing strength.
  • Better Tracking: If you are opting for the tandem axle cargo trailer then it is going to provide a large footprint which will help in setting everything correctly. It is going to facilitate better tracking which is not possible if you are opting for single wheels because it can make the trailer unstable.
  • Ride: If you are opting for the dual axle cargo trailer then the load will be distributed properly over several points so that the wheel won't encounter any type of serious damage when it is facing any pothole or bump. The load sharing will help in reducing the jarring or bouncing of the trailer which facilitates smoother ride.

Properties Of Dual Axle Trailers

When the axle trailer has two wheels then it is known as a tandem or enclosed dual axle trailer. Here are some properties which makes tandem axle trailer a suitable choice:

  • If you are opting for the enclosed tandem axle cargo trailer then you will be able to avail impressive resale value. As most of the people will opt for more than one trailer axle so it is always a wise choice to opt for the tandem one because it ensures great stability and uniform load distribution. It is one of the most purchased trailers so you will definitely enjoy great return in the future.
  • Tandem axle trailer has the capability of bearing large payload. In comparison to all the single axle trailer, it is said that the dual axle trailer is capable of bearing three times more load in comparison to the single axle trailer. The uniform load distribution and proper gripping will allow it to have a smooth ride even if you are loading it with a lot of weight.
  • Tandem axle trailer will be more stable at highway speed. So you can easily travel large distances with the help of the dual axle cargo trailer at high speed. Moreover, it would not cause any type of strain as it will glide smoothly.
  • If you are opting for any type of axle trailer that will allow you to easily use it or change the tyre then a dual axle enclosed cargo trailer will be the ideal choice for you. If you are changing the tyre then you won't even have to use the jack to perform it.
  • It is not going to swing from one side to another because it is having two wheels which are going to provide it with stability, unlike the single axle trailer. Moreover, it has some bars installed in it that will provide anti-swaying property. So if you're taking the trailer to a place where you will encounter strong winds then tandem axle trailer sway much lesser than any other trailer.
  • Another feature of the dual axle trailer is the towing level. The level needs to be uniform in order to avoid any type of extra tearing or wearing on the axle set otherwise it will reduce the longevity of the tire.

These are the few things that you will have to keep in mind when you are opting for an enclosed dual axle trailer. When you are purchasing the tandem axle trailer you will have to ensure that you are opting for a good quality trailer because nobody is going to buy a trailer every year. Look into the material and see whether it is durable or not.

One needs to look for other added functionalities like proper gripping or anti swaying technology as it will help in ensuring more stability. The price of the tandem axle trailer will be slightly higher than the single axle one but it worth every penny.

The final thing that you will have to think about is whether your purpose requires a single axis trailer or dual axle trailer. It is true that an enclosed dual axle trailer will definitely provide you with better functionalities.