Single Axle Enclosed Trailers

Due to the pandemic, all trailers are currently on back-order. Please call us at 727-346-6423 for more information or to order your trailer.

We offer high quality small and large single axle trailers at low, low prices. Our enclosed single axle trailers are made with all tubular steel (strongest possible), triple tube hitches (many of our competitors only have two tubes in their hitch), LED tail lights, 3/8″ plywood walls & 3/4″ plywood floors.

We have two different models. The Ranger series, which is our entry level single axle enclosed trailer and our Elite series which is our top of the line trailer.

The Elite single axle enclosed cargo trailers has a 24″ stone guard the Ranger series has a 16″ stone guard. The Ranger trailers has a bar-lock side door and the Elite series has a flush-key lock door.

The Elite series has all LED lights (tail lights and running lights), the Ranger cargo trailers has incandescent running lights. The Elite series comes with Radial tires, Ranger has bias ply. The Elite trailers has a choice of 6 colors, Ranger comes standard in white.

The Elite enclosed trailer series has a bullet or flat nose, Ranger V-nose or flat nose. Standard interior height for the Elite is 6′ 3″ while the standard height for the Ranger Series is 6′. The walls of the Ranger single axle cargo trailers are 24′ on center while the walls of the Elite series are 16′ on center.

The Ranger cargo trailer series offers limited customization while the Elite series is fully customizable with our options list. If you have any questions about our single axle enclosed cargo trailers please call us at 727-346-6423 or use the chat button on the right.

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How to Choose a Single Axle Enclosed Trailer?

A single axle enclosed trailer is like an efficient workhorse mostly for gardeners, farmers, campers, DIY users, or anyone who loves to go out. If you are planning to rent or buy one, you need to know if it is imperative for you. You have to know the mechanism of the item that you are intending to buy or rent.

No matter what others say, buying or renting an enclosed cargo trailer isn't as simple as you have thought. So, when you are about to purchase a utility trailer, you must not get overwhelmed and check out these points for better help.

Before you go for single axle cargo trailers you need to clarify certain things such as:

The difference between a gooseneck hitch or a bumper pull hitch

  1. The warranty offered by the seller and the time
  2. The type of cargo will you will be hauling

Know the Specifics of the Frame

You have to know about the construction and the frame of the single axle cargo trailer. To get a good feel on whether the trailer is right for you, take a look at its frame. Does it support the entire trailer?

You will find different shapes of steel which works as the frame of a utility trailer. These are box tubing, channel iron, and angle iron. Always aim for box tubing. Although it may cost a bit much, box tubing won’t give in and twist under pressure. A compromise between some box tubing and some channel iron can be made if needed.

Try not to look at what's under the enclosed cargo trailers, and it’s for the safety of yours. Here, you can ask the representatives and cross members who support the beams made for the trailer.

Check the length of the tongue. A long one will make it easier for a towing vehicle to steer, easier to reverse; they do require about 10% of the cargo’s weight to be on the ball though. Shorter tongues require 15% of the cargo’s weight on the ball will be a little harder to steer and a little more difficult to back up.

Open or enclosed cargo trailer

The moment you have decided to buy a trailer, you need to think which kind you are about to go for? Closed or open. Although utility trailers come with normally the latter option, if you are looking for extra security, then you can have that too.

The suspension

For the protection of the towing vehicle, you need a good suspension, and your single axle enclosed cargo trailer from excessive shock while offering a smoother towing experience. A high-performance suspension is always required if you plan on using your utility trailer often, it will carry precious cargo, transport heavy loads, or use trailers as part of your business.

Brakes or not

Most enclosed trailers have an electric braking system. It puts the driver of the towing vehicle directly in charge should the need arise to bring everything to a complete stop.

These types of braking systems connect the single axle trailer’s braking system to the towing vehicle’s braking system with a brake controller. The moment the controller senses the driver is using the brakes on the towing vehicle, it too will activate the brakes on the trailer.

Hydraulic surges have other types of braking system. Single axle cargo trailers with this type of this one rely on an actuating cylinder that is integrated within the tongue. When the towing vehicle applies the brakes, the surge of the trailer behind the decelerating towing vehicle compresses the actuator. After this is compressed, force is applied to the master cylinder which then makes its way to the braking cylinders, this, as a result, slows down or stops the trailer.

In the case of hydraulic surges, electric brakes are needed because it leaves control with the driver. If for any reason, the brakes fail in the towing vehicle, electric brakes can still be activated to slow the whole thing down. These very surge brakes can’t activate if they are going the same speed as your towing vehicle.

Length of tongue

The stability of the single axle cargo trailer will be more if the tongue has the right length. A tongue must be long enough in order to facilitate smooth towing of vehicles. It will allow you to steer the wheeler easily. If you're opting for the short tongue then 15% weight of the trailer will reside on the ball whereas if you opt for the longer tongue then only 10% weight of the single axle trailer will reside on the ball. Longer tongue will ensure that the trailer of the car is facing less amount of weight which will also help in easy backing.


For attaching your single axle enclosed cargo trailer to the vehicle couplers are used and hence they are one of the vital parts of the utility trailer. The coupler was welded in order to ensure stability and hence when it gets damaged you will have to spend a little more to replace them. While purchasing the coupler always see whether it has any type of bend or twist in it. After connecting it, it must not show any type of sloppiness.

The Wiring

Wires are used in the trailers' frame and they pass through it at some point. All you have to do is to make sure that there are grommets to protect those wires from chafing on metal or a short circuit is inevitable.

Trailers Taillights

If you are opting for the tailgates then you must protect it properly from any type of damage. Always pick the LED taillights as they are more functional in comparison to incandescent. Maintaining them is very easy and at the same time, it will provide bright light without consuming a lot of power. It is going to last for a very long time so it does ensure longevity.

The warranty

This is the most important thing for any single axle utility and cargo trailer. This very thing can tell you a lot about the manufacturer. A 3-year long warranty which covers the frame of the utility trailer and other crucial parts shows that the manufacturer has a lot of confidence in the quality of their trailers. This is the way you will get to know you are buying something really special.

It also works as the cover of the trailer if the component of the trailer fails anytime. Also, a long-term warranty is required when you are buying this crucial thing. Then again, look for a reputed company who will provide you any help.

Single axle cargo trailers are useful for small carriages to big, but if you are looking to buy or rent the same you need to check some important matters first. In here, you can get the same, and that will help you with the purchase.