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We offer extremely well-built, affordable enclosed gooseneck trailers manufactured by Cargo Craft in Ambrose, GA 31512.

Our gooseneck cargo and car trailers are built with all tubular steel frames, 3/8″ plywood on the walls and 3/4″ plywood on the floors. All of our enclosed gooseneck trailers are custom built so you can get all the features that you need.

Whether you need an auto carrier/car-hauler, concession trailer or just an enclosed gooseneck cargo trailer, we can help you get the right one at the right price.

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Things to Know about Enclosed gooseneck trailers

You must have seen many carriage trailers from cars to food. If you have seen a gooseneck one, then you know enclosed gooseneck trailers are perfect for carrying heavy metals, iron rods, heavy aluminum sheets and so on.

Enclosed gooseneck trailers are hitched behind a commercial truck and this is the easiest way to carry heavy materials from one place to another. Stuff that is hard to carry, like aluminum sheets, rods, iron bars and pipelines they can be easily carried by an enclosed gooseneck cargo trailer. In the industrial area or a manufacturing company, enclosed gooseneck trailers are seen every day carrying heavy loads to far places. In the older times, enclosed gooseneck trailers were used to carry horses. To know more about this type, you need to go through this article.

Stability of Enclosed Gooseneck Trailers

Enclosed gooseneck cargo trailers
provide the best stability when carrying heavy materials on the highways. They give the ultimate protection so when a bumper comes the materials do not fall off the truck. Enclosed gooseneck trailers can provide tremendous leverage on the tow vehicle. This makes it harder to recover from a sidetrack situation. Just because enclosed gooseneck trailers connect over top the rear axle of the tow vehicle, any pressure on the sideways is transferred directly to the ground through the truck tires. That is why these trailers are the safest option on curvy roads.

Load Transfer and Weight Distribution

For transferring loads properly, and weight distribution to the tow vehicle when it’s loaded properly. If you go for standard bumper hitch trailers they usually allow a ten or fifteen percent load while a gooseneck trailer easily handles twenty or twenty-five percent transfer of weight. Here, you have to keep in mind that the tongue weight is also affected by where the axles are situated under the trailer, also the place where the cargo is placed on top of the trailer.

The maneuverability of Enclosed Gooseneck Trailer

Enhanced excellent mobility is one of the major advantages of enclosed gooseneck trailers. This is perfectly helpful when you need the backing of the trailer, or when there is limited space for making a U-turn on the road.

Fifth Wheel Connections

The gooseneck trailer has a fifth-wheel connection. This gives the option of pulling the trailer with a semi-tractor, or a standard truck loaded with a fifth-wheel hitch.

Rarely Stolen

It’s not possible to steal an enclosed gooseneck cargo or car trailer like a bumper hitch trailer because most thieves do not have the gooseneck hitch.

Cost with Value

Bumper trailers have less cost than goosenecks, but when you have a plan to go for the destination and straight back to the company, enclosed gooseneck trailers are best. This is probably the key differences between goosenecks and bumper trailer. Due to the presence of each of the hitch each of them functions differently.

Essential Facts to Remember While Choosing a Enclosed Gooseneck Trailer

  • Size Matters

Enclosed gooseneck cargo trailers are best when you are about to carry some heavy loads. Also, they have the best sizes which are normally bigger than their bumper pulled counterparts. If you do travel a lot with your horses, then an enclosed gooseneck trailer must be your first preference because you can easily outfit them with the living quarters. Whenever you are away from your house you need them along with a bathroom, a decent sleeping area, and a functioning kitchenette.

  • The frame

While looking to buy an enclosed gooseneck flatbed, you have to start checking the frame specifically the one that is popular with the mainframe. Here you must consider getting one with a 19-pound-per-inch I-beam. You also need to check the cross-member spacing. In case of lightweight hauling, a 16-inch center will be enough but for regular heavy hauling, a 12-inch center will do the work.

  • Lights and Wiring

You will get LED lights with enclosed wiring harness are the best pair for gooseneck trailers. If you think of incandescent bulbs, LED lights offer numerous advantages including better illumination, less power draw, and lifetime service. Wires must be enclosed to avoid moisture and this can save you a lot of headaches for future purpose.

  • The finish

If you think properly, a powder coating is a more advanced method of applying a protective and decorative finish. This provides many perks for enclosed gooseneck trailers compared to ordinary finishing such as better resistance to scratching, chipping, wearing, and fading. The finish of powder coating is better longer service also.

  • Available Rustproofing

With powder coated enclosed gooseneck trailers, you won’t have to think about rust attacking the trailer. The materials you are carrying they may get it, but the carriage will look good as new always.

  • Brakes

Enclosed gooseneck trailers brake requirements vary across different states, with most states requiring an auxiliary brake system on trailers weighing more than 3,000 lbs. The three common brake systems for goosenecks trailers are a hydraulic surge, electric brakes, and air brakes these have the easy application system.

If you are looking for low maintenance requirements, you should go with electric braking systems. Also, Air brakes are a popular option. Here you will get limitless air, the pressure remains constant and it will operate even if the system has minor leaks.

  • Decking

The moment you are about to choose the material for decking you have to think about the durability and its cost. You will get several options for decking which will include the Southern yellow pine, oak, steel, and aluminum. It’s always easy to identify the right material for your enclosed gooseneck trailer only if you know the pros and cons of these materials. You can ask the seller about it, and they will make you understand the benefits of every material of decking.

To get the most common material, you can go to steel. It is durable and dependable, but its worst side is the fact that it can rust. You have to keep this in mind, you can expect regular maintenance and monitoring to keep the deck in good shape.

You can ask for aluminum material for decking. This is also lightweight which translates to higher cargo capacity and fuel economy. However, no matter its sturdy feature and rustproof ability, so many manufacturers do not use. This is because it's expensive and if any damage occurs, it will cost you more than steel decks.

Enclosed gooseneck trailers are perfect for carrying industrial loads. Also, if you have horses, you can transport them from one place to another with ease.