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We can offer you the highest quality trailers at the lowest price due to our direct connection with some of the top trailer manufacturers in the country and our very low overhead. We'll help you get precisely the trailer you want at a great price.

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We offer single axle, tandem axle, car haulers, concession trailers, enclosed gooseneck trailers, food trucks and in-stock trailers.

Rather than buy a used trailer, it is safer and often cheaper to get a new, custom trailer online. Check out our small enclosed cargo trailers.

Read our article "How to Get the Best Enclosed Cargo Trailer Possible" to learn about the key things to consider when purchasing a trailer. You might also enjoy reading "Why Cheap Trailers May Not be a Good Deal" How to Properly Load Your Trailer.”

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All of our Trailers are located at our factory in Ambrose, GA 31512. This is about 200 mi south of Atlanta.

Below are pictures of our tubular steel frame. Note how the hitch is reinforced all the way up until the second joist for superior strength. Be sure to ask to see the frame of any trailer you are considering purchasing.

Trailer Frames
8.5 X 14 Auto Carrier - Car Hauler (Ranger Series)
8.5 X 14 Auto Carrier - Car Hauler (Ranger Series)
Trailers Frame
8.5 X 14 Auto Carrier - Car Hauler (Ranger Series)

Compare Enclosed Trailer Quality

While price is a major consideration in any purchase, when purchasing a long-term investment like a trailer, it's a good idea to focus on quality as well. Our Cargo Craft trailers have standard features that most other trailers don't have. I discuss the features you want to focus on in depth in my article How to Get the Best Enclosed Cargo Trailer Possible.

The main things you want to focus on is 1) The frame. You want to be sure that your frame is made of tubular steel and not I-beams as I-beams can twist and go out of square while tubular steel will break before it twists. 2) Interior. You want to be sure that the interior of your trailer is made of genuine plywood and not OSB (also known as particle board). OSB is designed for interior use and does not do well when wet. Plywood is a better material as it is more water-resistant. 3) Hitch. You should specify a triple-tube hitch in the front of your trailer instead of a double tube hitch. A triple tube hitch is much stronger than a double tube hitch. If you get into an accident while hauling your trailer, all of the force of the accident will transfer to your trailer at the hitch. You want as much steel back there as you can get to protect your stuff. 4) Front wall. Trailer walls are hollow so when going down the road at speed the front-wall will often flex in the wind. Cargo Craft puts Styrofoam in the front walls of their trailers so that they don't flex in the wind.

When you combine our super low prices with the quality trailer we offer, you simply can't find a better trailer at a lower price.

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In-Stock Trailers for Sale

The trailers below are our ready-made, in-stock trailers. For a custom trailer, please click on a category on the right or visit our Enclosed Trailers Shop.

5 X 10 Enclosed Cargo Trailer

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