Why a Cheap Enclosed Trailer May Not be a Good Deal

Cheap enclosed trailers – the good, the bad and the ugly. We all want to get a good deal. The problem is that low price and good value are not necessarily the same thing, especially when it comes to trailers. When considering your next trailer purchase, you should know how to determine if that cheap trailer you’re considering is worth purchasing.

Concession Trailer

The Definition of Cheap Enclosed Trailers

Webster’s have more than one definition of the word “cheap”. The first is: charging or obtainable at a low price. Ex. a good cheap hotel, cheap tickets. The second definition though is: of inferior quality or worth : tawdry, sleazy. Ex. cheap workmanship. So, cheap can mean either low price or low quality. Oftentimes it means both.

What Kind of Axles?

The key is to be able to determine the quality of the trailer you are buying to ensure that you are getting the deal you are hoping for. An enclosed trailer is basically a box on wheels. Almost all trailer manufacturers use American made axles (Lipper Components, Dexter). As long as your trailer axle is American made, you can be confident in its reliability. Foreign made axles do not have this same reputation. I would recommend that you only purchase a trailer with American made axles.

Cheap Enclosed Trailer

What About the Frame?

After the axles the other main consideration is the construction of the frame. The materials used in constructing your trailer’s frame are critical in determining its potential strength. The best material to build a trailer frame out of is, unquestionably, tubular steel.

Tubular steel are steel tubes with 4 walls. Tubular steel comes in different dimensions. Tube’s used in trailer construction are typically 1′ tubular steel in the walls and 2″ x 4″ or 2″ x 6″ in the frames.

Many of the “cheap enclosed trailers” for sale have been made by using inferior materials. Often manufacturers of inferior trailers will us angle iron in the walls and I-beams in the frames. Obviously, angle iron and I-beams, with fewer walls are not as strong as tubular steel. Again, the frame is a major component of your trailer and if you plan on keeping your trailer for a few years you should get the best quality possible, which is a frame made completely out of all tubular steel.

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Does it Have a Triple Tube Hitch?

Another structural thing to consider is the construction of the trailer’s hitch. The hitch is the part of the trailer that connects to your vehicle. The hitch is a very important part of your trailer. The best trailers will have what is called a triple tube hitch. A triple tube hitch is a hitch that has, you guessed it, three tubes. One on the left, one on the right and a third tube down the middle to reinforce the hitch.

Most of the cheap enclosed trailers for sale only have a double tube hitch. That means they only have the tube on the left and the tube on the right, but no reinforcing tube down the middle. Now, if you get into an accident while towing your trailer, the force of the accident will get transferred to the trailer through the hitch. All else being equal, it’s much better to have three pieces of steel protecting your trailer than just two.

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In Summary

So, the thing to remember is that you can get a low price and top quality, but you do have to know what your looking for. This guide, along with another article I wrote called “How to Get the Best Enclosed Cargo Trailer Possible” will help you find a great “cheap trailer”.

At Trailers123.com, we only sell American made trailers that use American made axles, are made out of all tubular steel and feature triple tube hitches. I believe that we offer the best quality trailers at the lowest possible prices. To see our great trailers at low, low prices, visit our enclosed trailer shop.