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We’re here to help you get a great trailer at a great price. Our enclosed cargo trailers are the highest quality trailers available. Our trailers have many standard features not included with other discount trailer brands. We are able to offer you the highest quality trailers at the lowest price due to our having a direct connection with some of the top trailer manufacturers in the country and due to our very low overhead. We’ll help you get exactly the trailer that you want at a great price.

Cargo Craft, our manufacturer includes the 2' nose in the total length of their trailers. This means, for example that an 18' trailer would have a 16' rectangular box and a 2' nose if a rounded (bullet) or pointed (V-nose) is selected. All of our measurements are exterior measurements.

All trailers are sold F.O.B. Ambrose, Ga. This means you have to either pickup your trailer there or pay to have it delivered from there.

We are a virtual trailer dealer. While we do offer pre-built trailers, most of our trailers are made to order. When ordering a custom made trailer, we do ask for a small, non-refundable deposit to initiate the construction of your trailer.

Once a trailer has started construction the order cannot be cancelled. If an order is cancelled before construction commences there will be a $750 cancellation fee.

The balance due on your trailer must be paid for with cash, money order, certified check or company check. No personal checks or credit cards for the balance.

After your trailer is paid for a certificate of origin will be generated and sent to us to be signed and notarized. After we have signed and notarized your certificate of origin we will mail it to you. You would then take this certificate and your bill of sale to your department of motor vehicles to register your trailer and get your tag.

Trailer pickup can be done M-F 8 am to 3 pm.

Many states allow you to tow your vehicle for up to 30 days prior to getting it titled with the state. If you live in a state that does not allow this, then you will need to pay for your trailer in advance so that we can mail you your certificate of origin so that you can register your trailer before picking it up.

It is your responsibility to check your states laws and make proper arrangement for the transportation of your trailer.

Customer agrees that any legal action or proceeding arising from: 1) the use of this site, or 2) any transaction conducted by use of this site, or 3) any dispute between customer and Trailers123.com, shall be venued in Pinellas County, Florida, with the legal forum to be either the Pinellas County Florida courts (if state) or the Middle District of Florida court, Tampa Division (if federal). You also agree that should a dispute arise that the liability of Trailers123.com shall not exceed any fee collected.

Please contact us at 727-346-6423 if you have any questions.

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