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Rather than buy a used trailer, it is safer and often cheaper to get a new, custom trailer online. We are here to help you select either from our pre-built inventory of enclosed cargo trailers or help you custom design your very own. We will help you select the right trailer and the right options to make sure that you get exactly what you need.

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The trailers below are our ready made, in stock trailers. For a custom trailer, please click on a category on the right or visit our Enclosed Trailers Shop.You can see our Trailer Options here.

All of our Trailers are located at our factory in Ambrose, GA 31512. This is about 200 mi south of Atlanta. You can click here to calculate your shipping costs.

In Stock: 5 X 10
Single Axle V-Nose Enclosed Cargo Trailer


In Stock: 6 X 12
Single Axle V-nose Enclosed Cargo Trailer

enclosed cargo trailer

In Stock: 6 X 14
Single Axle V-Nose Enclosed Cargo Trailer

6 ft enclosed cargo trailer

In Stock: 7 X 18
Tandem Axle V-Nose Enclosed Cargo Trailer


You can select your trailer’s options from our extensive list.

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