6X12 Enclosed Trailer – Single Axle Cargo Trailer (Ranger Series)

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This 6′ x 12′ single axle enclosed trailer manufactured by Cargo Craft has many, many standard features that make this trailer an outstanding value.

  • Sharp v nose
  • Triple tube Hitch
  • 2” coupler
  • 2000 lb jack
  • 4 way plug
  • 16” stone guard
  • white in color
  • 24” O.C floors
  • 24” O.C. walls
  • 24” O.C roof bows
  • Colored screws
  • Rounded aluminum fenders
  • Plastic sidewall vents
  • 32” bar lock side door EXCEPT ON 5X8
  • LED tail lights, LED fender lights
  • 15” tires, 3500 lb drop idler axle
  • Ramp door with spring assist or double rear doors on 6’ wide
  • Asphalt under body coating on frame
  • ¾ “ plywood floors
  • 3/8” plywood wall liner
  • 6’ interior ceiling height on 6’ wide
  • 5’ interior ceiling height on 5’ wide
  • and one interior dome light.

Below are the only options allowed on RV model:

  • Colored metal
  • 030 metal
  • 6” additional ceiling height
  • 16” on center floor
  • 16” on center walls
  • 16” on center roof

Trailer shown with optional ATP nose guard. All pricing and specifications are subject to change without notice.




6×12 Enclosed Trailer

The 6×12 enclosed trailer, a highly sought-after option for both personal and commercial use, offers ample space and versatility. Its size makes it ideal for transporting a wide range of items, from large equipment and furniture to bulk quantities of goods. The market for these trailers includes both new and used options, with the latter offering a cost-effective alternative without compromising on functionality. Used cargo trailers, especially the 6×12 variant, are popular among buyers looking for a reliable, spacious trailer at a more affordable price. The 6×12 cargo trailer’s design ensures the safe and secure transport of goods, making it a top choice for businesses and individuals who frequently move large or valuable items. Its popularity is due to its balance of size, maneuverability, and capacity, making it a versatile solution for diverse hauling requirements.


How much does a 6×12 tandem axle trailer weigh?

A 6×12 tandem axle trailer typically weighs between 1,800 to 2,500 pounds.

What is the axle rating of a 6×12 enclosed trailer?

The axle rating of a 6×12 enclosed trailer is usually around 3,500 pounds per axle.

How much weight can you put on a 6×12 single axle trailer?

A 6×12 single axle trailer can typically hold up to 1,500 to 2,500 pounds.

What is the advantage of a tandem axle trailer?

Tandem axle trailers offer better stability, load distribution, and increased carrying capacity compared to single axle trailers.

How much weight can you put in a 6×12 enclosed trailer?

A 6×12 enclosed trailer can generally hold up to 1,650 to 5,000 pounds.

What is best time of year to buy enclosed trailer?

The best time to buy an enclosed trailer is usually in the off-season months, like late fall or winter.

What is the gross weight of a 6×12 enclosed trailer?

The gross weight of a 6×12 enclosed trailer is typically around 1,350 pounds.

What are the top 5 enclosed cargo trailers?

The top 5 enclosed cargo trailers brands often include Haulmark, Wells Cargo, Cargo Mate, Pace American, and Cargo Craft.

Which trailer is right for me? To determine the right trailer for your needs, consider factors like the size and weight of equipment you’ll be hauling, the terrain and distance you’ll be traveling, and your vehicle’s towing capacity. Enclosed 6×12 trailers provide security, weather protection and ample space for landscaping gear, tools, and small machinery. They come in single axle and tandem configurations to suit different load requirements. Assess your specific hauling demands and choose a trailer that offers the optimal balance of size, durability and towing ease to safely and efficiently transport your cargo.

Are 6×12 enclosed trailers good for landscape companies? Yes, 6×12 enclosed trailers are an excellent choice for landscape companies. The 6′ x 12′ size provides ample room to haul mowers, trimmers, blowers, edgers, and other essential landscaping equipment. The enclosed design protects tools and machinery from weather damage and theft, while also keeping them organized. Landscapers can securely store equipment overnight in the jobsite trailer. 6×12 trailers have a suitable capacity for most small to medium landscaping operations, while remaining towable by standard trucks. The versatile size and security make 6×12 enclosed trailers a popular, practical option for professional landscaping businesses.

How much does a 6×12 trailer weigh? A typical 6×12 enclosed trailer weighs between 1,200-2,000 lbs empty, depending on the specific model and construction. Single axle variants average around 1,200-1,600 lbs, while tandem axle models generally range from 1,600-2,000 lbs. Factors that impact trailer weight include the frame material (steel vs aluminum), sidewall and roof materials, flooring type, and included options or accessories. Always check the manufacturer’s specs for exact unladen trailer weight, as this is crucial for safe towing. The trailer’s weight must be compatible with your vehicle’s rated towing capacity.

What is the difference between a 6×12 single axle trailer and a 6×12 tandem trailer? The key difference is that a single axle 6×12 trailer has one axle with two wheels, while a tandem trailer has two axles with four wheels total. Tandem axles provide several advantages:
Higher weight capacity for heavier loads
Improved stability and tracking at highway speeds
Better weight distribution and less tongue weight
Redundancy if one tire fails
Reduced load on trailer components and tow vehicle However, single axle 6×12 trailers are lighter, more maneuverable in tight spaces, and generally less expensive. They’re sufficient for lighter loads under 3500 lbs. Choose tandem for heavier cargo or if you prioritize towing stability and safety.

How much weight can a 6×12 enclosed trailer hold? Payload capacity for 6×12 enclosed trailers ranges from 2,200 lbs up to 7,000 lbs depending on the axle configuration and trailer construction. Single axle models typically max out around 3,500 lbs, while robust tandem axle designs can handle 5,000-7,000 lbs or more. Note that the max load includes the weight of the trailer itself, so a 2,500 lb capacity trailer with a 1,500 lb empty weight can only carry 1,000 lbs of cargo. Always verify the trailer’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) to determine total allowed loaded trailer weight, and stay within the recommended payload to prevent unsafe overloading.

Description (Ranger)

Years from now you will be pleased that you bought your trailer from Trailers123.com.

This 6\’ x 12\’ single axle enclosed cargo trailer manufactured by Cargo Craft has many, many features that make this trailer an outstanding value.

It starts with tubular steel main frames, walls and ceilings, making them the strongest frames in the industry. You simply cannot find a better 6×12 ft trailer at a lower price.


The roof is a high quality Galvalume roof that has mesa ridges to add rigidity and minimize wind sound.

Your front wall is made with solid backing to prevent it from flexing in the wind and the floors are constructed of 3/4″ exterior grade plywood, and are undercoated on the bottom. The walls are 3/8″ plywood for strength and durability.


Triple steel tubing is standard on all of our trailer hitches to add peace of mind while hauling that heavy load. Y

Your trailer also has a 32″ side door for easy access and 16″ stone guard to prevent chipping and maintain your trailer’s sleek appearance.


The exterior aluminum is .024 thick with a combination of screws and glue for strength and a smoother exterior. All tail lights are LED for brightness and safety. Double doors or ramp doors are standard on all of our trailers.


Because this is a top quality trailer, you will get a rock solid, TRUE 3-year manufacturer’s warranty on your trailer. Cargo Craft has been making trailers since 1990 and they stand behind them.

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There are, frankly, too many features to list here, we feel that you cannot find a better 6\’ x12\’ enclosed trailer anywhere at a lower price.

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This 6×12 enclosed trailer is the perfect size to use as a motorcycle trailer. It is large enough to comfortably carry just about any sized two wheeler.