5 X 10 Single Axle Elite V-Nose Enclosed Cargo Trailer

Price: $3144 Deposit: $609

Find high-quality 5×10 single axle trailers at Trailers123. Our utility trailers are perfect for hauling heavy loads. Browse our selection today!

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Standard Features:
Choice of 6 colors (White, Red, Black, Pewter, Silver Frost, Dark Charcoal)
5′ 3″ Interior Height
Radial Tires
Side Wall Vents
32″ Flush Key Lock Side Door
Choice of Ramp Door or Barn Door
24″ Stone Guard
16″ On Center Wall Studs
Dome Light
ALL LED Clearance Lights
Dust Resistant Construction
EZ Lube Hub Axles
15″ Silver Mod Wheels
Heavy Duty Undercoated Main Frame
Smooth Aluminum Fenders
Square Tube Roof Bows
3” X 2″ Rectangle Tube Main Frame
Square Tube Top Rail (No “Z” Post Or Hat Section)
2″ Ball Coupler
No Interior Exposed Screws
Galvanized 2″ Mesa Roof (No Roof Rumble)
Colored exterior screws
3M Extreme Sealing Roof Sealant
Solid Core Front Wall
Triple Tube Hitch
2000#. Tongue Jack
3500# Axle
D.O.T Safety Chains
L.E.D Tail Lights
3/8″ Plywood Walls
3/4″ Plywood Floors
Rounded Front
Dust Proof Sides
American Made Axles
3 Yr. Manufacturer’s Warranty

All pricing and specifications are subject to change without notice.

5×10 enclosed trailer

The 5×10 enclosed trailer, a compact and versatile option, offers a unique blend of convenience and efficiency for transporting goods. Despite its modest size, this trailer is highly sought after for its ability to navigate easily through urban environments while providing ample storage space. The enclosed structure ensures the safety and security of the contents, making it an ideal choice for transporting valuable or sensitive items. Its design is especially beneficial for small business owners, outdoor enthusiasts, or anyone needing a reliable means of transport that balances space with maneuverability. Moreover, the 5×10 trailer’s dimensions are conducive to a variety of uses, from hauling gardening supplies to transporting sports equipment, showcasing its adaptability. This trailer’s size makes it a practical choice for those who require a dependable but not overly large towing solution. The 5×10 trailer’s manageable size, combined with its enclosed nature, renders it a popular choice for a diverse range of hauling needs, striking a perfect balance between size and functionality.

Here are the recent FAQ’s

How much does a 5×10 enclosed trailer weigh?

A typical 5×10 enclosed trailer weighs approximately 1,100 to 1,300 pounds, varying based on the construction and materials used.

How much weight can a 5×10 utility trailer hold?

A 5×10 utility trailer can typically hold up to 2,000 to 3,000 pounds, depending on its build and axle strength.

What are the dimensions of a 5×10 trailer?

The external dimensions of a 5×10 trailer are usually 5 feet in width and 10 feet in length, but internal dimensions are smaller due to the thickness of the walls.

What is the smallest enclosed trailer made?

The smallest enclosed trailers are generally 4×6 feet, providing a compact solution for minimal hauling needs.


Years from now you will be pleased that you bought your trailer from Trailers123.com.

This 5′ x 10′ single axle enclosed cargo trailer manufactured by Cargo Craft has many, many features that make this trailer an outstanding value. It starts with tubular steel main frames, walls and ceilings, making them the strongest frames in the industry

The roof is a high quality Galvalume roof that has mesa ridges to add rigidity and minimize wind sound. Your front wall is made with solid backing to prevent it from flexing in the wind and the floors are constructed of 3/4″ exterior grade plywood, and are undercoated on the bottom, and painted and sealed on the inside. The walls are 3/8″ plywood for strength and durability.

Triple steel tubing is standard on all of our trailer hitches to add peace of mind while hauling that heavy load. Your trailer also has a 30″ side door for easy access and 16″ stone guard to prevent chipping and maintain your trailer’s sleek appearance.

The exterior aluminum is .024 thick with screws for strength and a smoother exterior. All tail lights are LED for brightness and safety.

Because this is a top quality trailer, you will get a rock solid, TRUE 3-year manufacturer’s warranty on your trailer. Cargo Craft has been making trailers since 1990 and they stand behind their trailers.

There are, frankly, too many features to list here, we feel that you cannot find a better trailer anywhere at a lower price. For even more info, click on the features tab above.