You can see the 7' x  16' tandem axle trailer here:

Our base price for this trailer is $5,718 with a $600 deposit. This trailer has an 14' rectangular box and a 2' nose with a standard interior height of 6' 3".

We do not collect sales tax so the price I am quoting you is your out the door price. 

The trailer I am quoting you is made by Cargo Craft in Ambrose, GA 31512. Cargo Craft makes the highest quality trailers in the industry. I don't believe that you can find a higher quality trailer at a lower price. 

Your trailer will have an all tubular steel frame, genuine plywood floor and walls, a triple tube hitch (most others use double tube hitches) and solid front wall construction (Styrofoam between plywood and aluminum). This is a key feature as most of our competitors use angle iron and or I-beams in their frames which are significantly weaker than the tubular steel we use.

If you are comparison shopping, be sure to compare full quotes as some of our competitors lead with a low price but then charge 2x as much or more for their options.

Cargo Craft applies a layer of putty (butyl tape) between the roof and the perimeter of the frame of the trailer. The roof is then screwed to the frame, suppressing the butyl tape for a water-tight seal. Then, a layer of self-leveling roof caulk is applied to the top of the roof on the seams. Finally, each trailer is put under a water booth to test for leaks before shipment.

You can see our warranty here and see a list of available options here. You can calculate your delivery cost here.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or if you would like to place an order.Regards,


Mitchell Herman

You can see the aluminum quote here: