6X12 Single Axle V-Nose Enclosed Cargo Trailer (Xtreme Cargo Trailers)


These are the reasons you should buy this trailer

  • Tubular Steel Frame

    Most trailers are built with I-Beams or C-channel. Both are inferior to Tubular steel.

  • 0.30 Aluminum Skin

    Most trailers come with 0.24 aluminum skins. Our trailers have 0.30 aluminum skins which are more dent resistant.

  • Semi-Screwless Construction

    Most trailers are fully-screwed, meaning that they have screws on every stud (every 24" or 16"). Our trailers are semi-screwless, meaning that the screws are every 4'.

  • ATP Fenders

    Most companies have brushed aluminum fenders. ATP Fenders are much stronger and dent-resistant.

  • 5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

    True Bumper-to Bumper manufacturer's warranty to provide you with peace of mind.

  • Free Flap on Ramp Door

    We offer a free wood flap on the ramp door, a $65 value.

  • Radial TIres

    Our trailers come with radial tires, whereas most new trailers come with bias-ply tires. Radial tires give better gas mileage and shorter stopping distances than bias ply tires.

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