In my opinion, WPMUDEV Hosting Sucks. I currently have a private server where I host many websites. After receiver several hosting offers from WPMUDEV Hosting, I decided to give them a try. What a mistake that was. Despite their page talking about how the more you use it the more you save, they want to you have a new hosting account for each new site, something that is both expensive and impractical for a multi-site owner. Transferring a domain was not a simple matter of just changing the DNS servers, they had a bunch of other hoops to jump through as well.

They use weird nomenclature like droplets which is not like any other host I have ever used. Their whole process is proprietary and cumbersome.

When having an issue there is no email support as such, you have to post to a public forum and wait for a response. If for any reason you update your original post, you lose your place in line and go to the back of the line. What an idiotic system. Furthermore, I had a critical issue and it took over 4 hours for a response. They acted as though this was normal and OK. This is not the place to host your site if you have an eCommerce or important site as you can expect it to take hours to get a response.

The main site I had them transfer included a subdomain and they were unable to transfer it nor were they able to add the necessary SSL certificates. I was extremely frustrated with their poor/slow service and referred to their support as chimps, which is an insult to chimps. For this, they canceled my WPMUDEV account that I had had for many years with no warning. In the end, we’re all just a bunch of monkeys.

While WPMUDEV does offer decent WordPress support and they do have a few decent plugins, WPMUDEV Hosting sucks for multi-site owner. If you have more than one site to host, WPMUDEV Hosting is definitely not the best choice. I give WPMUDEV hosting 0 stars.