Two Car Trailers

Two Car Auto Carriers / Car Haulers

If you need to be able to transport two cars at a time then you should consider one of our two car car haulers / auto carriers. Our two car trailers feature all tubular steel construction. Tubular steel is the strongest steel available and you should specify tubular steel for your next trailer. Many manufacturers use I-beams instead of tubular steel in their frames. Be sure to ask your dealer how their trailers are made.

Our two car car haulers feature 3/8′ plywood walls and 3/4″ plywood floors. Plywood is superior to other alternatives and like with tubular steel frames, you want to specify a full plywood interior as many brands of trailer will use OSB, Luan or other non-plywood alternatives.

The two car auto carriers also feature 4 flush-mounted D-ring tie downs, but if you plan on transporting two cars, you should plan on adding addition tie downs which are available for a small charge.

The standard interior height of all of our car haulers / auto carriers is 6′ 6″ but you can increase your trailer’s interior height up to 10′ in 6″ increments. In most cases we recommend adding at least an extra 6″ in height, but of course, that’s up to you.

A 36″ in bar-lock side door is standard. The bar-lock doors come with strap hinges. For a small fee you can upgrade to the flush key lock door which has piano hinges.

Our pull-behind trailers feature a triple tube hitch (most others use double tube hitches) and solid front wall construction to prevent flexing in the wind (Styrofoam between plywood and aluminum).

Your trailer will have a layer of putty (butyl tape) applied between the roof and the perimeter of the frame of the trailer. The roof is then screwed to the frame, suppressing the butyl tape for a water-tight seal. Then, a layer of self-leveling roof caulk is applied to the top of the roof on the seams. Finally, each trailer is put under a water booth to test for leaks before shipment.

The fact is that you simply cannot buy a better built two car car hauler / auto carrier. Below are the most popular sizes of two car trailers we offer.

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