If you did not find what you are looking for please dial. Part No. Smith) Regal Beloit (Formerly A.O. Count on WEG. Refrigeration. Smith Electric Motors), CENTURY POOL & SPA MOTORS REPLACEMENT PARTS & MOTOR CROSS REFERENCE MANUAL (2012) Distribution Marketing 1325 Heil Quaker Blvd. Thank you for your registration request. Frame L449T is not included in this chart. Grainger's got your back. HP Volts Amps. A gearmotor is an electrical motor that has some type of gear system on the output of the motor, the gear system is called a gear reducer or gearbox. AO Smith Motors are well known as a standard in HVAC electric motors. WEG reserves the right to modify data in this tool at any time without prior notice. Detailed information on the use of cookies on this website is provided in our Privacy Policy. baldor catalog no. Electric Motor Search. eMotors Direct has motors for any function, and distributes from some of the best and most trusted brands in the industry. WEG is the largest industrial electric motor manufacturer in the Americas and one of the largest manufacturers of electric motors in the world producing more than 21 million units annually. Looking for WEG Air Compressor Motor, 7 1/2 HP, Capacitor-Start/Run, Nameplate RPM 1,760, Voltage 208-230V AC (13L303)? Call Us at 800-469-3110. WEG Solutions to Reduce Energy Consumption. Get connected in seconds with EZ-Connect™ | IP69K. Alltemp is Canada’s leading distributor of HVAC/R components, well known for its Rotom brand of motors, Alltemp’s product offering also includes electrical components, refrigerants, service tools, compressors, and many other service and installation products making the company a single source of quality products for its customers. Do you intend to increase productivity and reduce the operating cost of mining? They are made in South America somewhere IIRC, probably Brazil. 2020-09-09. Smith) Regal Beloit (Formerly A.O. Do you need efficiency and productivity in every harvest? AO Smith Motors are well known as a standard in HVAC electric motors. Do you need other materials? electric motor cross reference manual-4. The MotorMatch Selection Guide is a tool facilitate finding the motor that best suits your a specific need or application. Price $808.00. Direct-current (DC) motors built by GE set the standard for electric motors today. The Fasco ® brand covers a wide array of commercial HVAC, pumping, and air moving applications. Why We Test For Shaft Voltage (And You Should, Too!) Our range of gearmotors includes parallel and right angle shaft options as well as inverter rated and wash down models. The Fasco ® brand has a 100 year history as an industry innovator that produces cutting edge technology to solve problems, save energy, and reduce downtime. It's possible to achieve other matches by varying such items as efficiency, voltage, etc. This interchange tool is to be used only as a reference to find WEG motors. Type your product code below or use the ADVANCED SEARCH option to select a product or even UPLOAD YOUR LIST for a larger number of products. WEG manufactures a complete line of electric motors complying with and even exceeding all global markets required efficiency levels. WEG serves the oil & gas industry globally, Integrated solutions for marine applications. We have submitted your information to your company's administrator for review and approval. WEG is another motor that seems to be a hair better in quality than a Chinese motor. 1/8HP Weg Single Phase Motors 1/6HP Weg Single Phase Motors 1/4HP Weg Single Phase Motors ... OEM Motor Cross Reference L-Z; OEM Motor Cross Reference A-L; How to choose a VFD - Five Things to Know; Sleuth the Tooth - Gear Inspection ABCs; Categories. i-fix-compressors app for smart phones. Thank you for your registration request. NEMA Motor Dimensions - Reference Chart * a ft e r l e t t e r i n d i c a t e s t h e n u m b e r i s a n app r o x i m a te v a l ue . Success has always been a part of the WEG Motors history, which is why we at Manufacturers Distributor, Inc. are proud to be an authorized distributor of WEG Electric Motors. A.O.Smith. This cross-reference is a guide to help you identify compatible motors. The Complete Cross Reference for Mechanical Face Seal Replacement How To Use This Catalogue ♦ Locate the manufacturer of the equipment. PUBLIC. Replacement Motor Cross Reference Square Flange - Standard Efficient - Total Horsepower Rated 5.5 Diameter Catalog Number 56 Catalog Number THP Voltage Regal Beloit (Formerly A.O. *This motor can also be installed in Hunter TCX500 machines, but the installation requires our SB5/8-3/4 Shaft Bushing to mount the original Belt Pulley on the Motor. General Purpose. electric motor cross reference manual-5. Visit our download center below. Please refer to the Large AC motor chart, or to the specific motor drawings for L449T dimensions. Variable Frequency Drives. CAD Library - Switch and Control Gear (2D / 3D Drawings) CAD Library – Electric Motors (2D / 3D Drawings) Switch and Control Gear WEG Cross Reference. ESR Motor Systems www.esrmotors.com ESR Motor Systems, LLC • 648 E White St, Rock Hill, SC 29730 Phone: (800) 868-3770 • FAX: (803) 324-3259 NEMA – QUICK REFERENCE CHART GE Industrial Solutions to ABB contactor cross-reference including Surion, C2000, Overloads, Manual Motor Starters, Efficor. Looking for WEG Air Compressor Motor, 7 1/2 HP, Capacitor-Start/Run, Nameplate RPM 1,760, Voltage 208-230V AC (13L303)? nema quick reference chart nema frame de2f h nop uvaa ab ah aj ak ba bb bd xo tap 42 2-5/8 1-3/4 1-11/16 9/32 1-1/2 54-11/163/8 1-1/8 3/84-1/32 1-5/16 3-3/4 3 2-1/16 1/84-5/8 1-9/16 1/4-20 Electric Motor Repair, Modification & Customization; Electric Motors Technical FAQ; Explosion Proof Jet Pump Motors; NEMA Reference Chart; Variable Frequency Drives. Competitor Cross Reference ABB GE/ITI GE 600 Volt Current Transformers (continued) RLC JCP-0 AB-5 675 PPD 460 PPM 450 JVA-0 PPX 450 5 - 15 kV Current Transformers KIR-60, 75, 11 - JKM-3, 4, 5 5 - 34.5 kV Voltage Transformers VIY-60 PT3 JVM-3 VIZ-75, 11 PT4, 5 … WEG 1 HP, General Purpose Motor, 3-Phase, 875 Nameplate RPM, 230/460 Voltage, 182T Frame - 00109ET3E182T-W22 $887.86 Dayton 1/3 HP Belt Drive Motor, Split-Phase, 1725 Nameplate RPM, 115 Voltage, Frame 48 - 6K778 ID: 9AKK107680A6913, REV: A. English. Motor dimensions - Rolling Bearings and Vertical Normal Thrust Frames HGF 450 to 630 (NEMA 7006/10 to 9606/10) Standard Frame 2 Poles 4 Poles IEC 450 2655 2765 Noise supressor dimensions (L) NEMA 8006/10 104.585" 110.641" Flange, fan cover with noise supressor and … Weg Single Phase Motors. At HVAC Brain, we stock replacement AO Smith electrical motors for fan motors, blower motors, pump motors and a dozen other applications. While this cross-reference tool is designed to locate and compare products that appear to be equivalent in their functional use, crosses between different manufacturers’ products may not be an exact match and cross-referenced products, even if apparently similar, may not be interchangeable for all purposes. The manufacturer listings are alphabetical, refer to pages 7 - 13. Weg Electric - Electric Motor Repair Parts EIS offers a complete line of all internal parts and assemblies needed to build and repair AC and DC electric motors and drives, sub-fractional horsepower motors and gearmotors and mechanical gear drives. Get any motor you need for your operations. This interchange tool is to be used only as a reference to find WEG motors. The seals are arranged by shaft size from smallest to largest. The product range includes C-Frame, 3.3", and ECM smart motors integrated with the blower unit. Find out Complete WEG Catalog at dealers electric motor. Capacitor Start Belted Fan & Blower Motor Split Phase Belted Fan & Blower Motors … WEG is a well known manufacturer of electric motors, variable frequency drives, soft starters and controls. Get the entire WEG catalog for single-phase, three-phase, hvac, farm duty, explosion-proof motors. 1/50 115 0.90 3300 Sleeve CCWSE RFB391, A088 UE94456, 7021-6759 The MotorMatch ® Selection Guide can help you find the right motor for your needs. At Galco, we know about weg motors and can answer any questions you have. They are generally used to reduce speed in a series of gears which creates more torque. ... Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of product data and cross reference information. Please check motor drawing for actual dimensions. HVAC. We carry only the manufacturers you trust including LEESON, BALDOR, BISON, and WEG. Electrical - Electrical units, amps and electrical wiring, wire gauge and AWG, electrical formulas and motors; Related Documents . … Below you will find links to several WEG Tools and Software downloads. also search weg motor cross in your smartphone app store. WEG Commercial Motors has earned an industry leading reputation by solving the toughest motor application issues with premier quality products - delivered on time. In Excel, fill in one part number per line and save the file as a CSV file. US Motor Works, LLC and its employees are committed to providing an extensive line of consistent High Quality Products and the finest Customer Service and Satisfaction, through our commitment to the continual improvement of our Quality Management System of ISO 9001:2015. We also offer a gearmotor cross reference service to assist you with your gearmotor replacement needs. T h e s e d i m en s i o n s a r e s p e c i f i c t o e a c h m anu f a c t u r e r. NEMA Shaft (U) K ey R ) Dim n S 3/8 1/2 5/8 7/8 1-1/8 1-3/8 1-5/8 1-7/8 2 … T h e s e d i m en s i o n s a r e s p e c i f i c t o e a c h m anu f a c t u r e r. NEMA Shaft (U) K ey R ) Dim n S 3/8 1/2 5/8 7/8 1-1/8 1-3/8 1-5/8 1-7/8 2 … Gearmotors are commonly found when an application needs a lot of force to move heavy objects. Size Head Ring Ring Bore Code Notes Pump Nameplate Data Mfg. Definite Purpose. C-FACE POOL PUMP MOTOR CROSS-REFERENCE HP Volts SF Shaft Type AmeriBlue Dyna-Tech Dyna-Tech Switchless Century Century Centurion PRO Century Switchless US Motors US Motors Switchless FULL RATED/HIGH SERVICE FACTOR - SINGLE SPEED - SINGLE PHASE - 60HZ ½ 115/230 1.6 Key B1093 C1093 RB302 SK1052 B120 EB120 WEG Standard Product Catalog (Motors, Enclosed Motor Controls, Gears, and Alternators), WEG Automation Catalog: LV Variable Frequency Drives and Soft Starters (Full Catalog), CAD Library - Electric Motors (2D/3D drawings), CAD Library - Automation (2D/3D drawings). WEG brings a much more efficient Industry 4.0 for Unigel, Company in the petrochemical sector has WEG equipment at plant in Brazil. RPM Shaft Rotation Replaces R125 SS212S T.E. Why Motor OEMs are switching to Helwig’s Bearing Protection Kits™ April 6, 2020. Exception: U.S. Motors brand: 60 Hz; 447T Frame; Inverter Grade Insulation System (Meets NEMA MG-1 Part 31, 10:1 Variable Torque and 5:1 Constant Torque) VS WEG: 60/50 Hz; 445/7T Frame; Inverter Duty per NEMA MG1, Part 31 1000:1 Variable Torque and 20:1 Constant Torque

weg motor cross reference

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