The cost depends on various factors, including capacity, size, type, and other added features. is below … “...conditions in crawl spaces are determined by the balance between moisture entering the crawlspace, moisture removed, and moisture stored in various hygroscopic materials in the crawlspace, such as wood and concrete.”, - Anton TenWolde, Researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison [6]. It can accommodate spaces of up to 1300 square foot. When humidity rises above 50% in a room or a basement space this is too high for appliances or small … This dehumidifier from h0meLabs is an Energy Star certified dehumidifier for crawl space, basement, and even a big-sized room. Always check the size and the weight. It boasts of the G3 filter, a kind of filter that removes odor and extracts more moisture from the air. Sort By Featured. Crawl-space dehumidifiers, unlike regular basement models, go underneath your house and sport a number of features that make them a better fit for tight crawl spaces: They are horizontal-shaped, obviously include a drain or pump drain and tend to have a higher pint-per-day dehumidification rate, up to 120 pints per day. It is energy-efficient so it can efficiently absorb moisture without racking up … Welcome to wholesale the quality dehumidifier with drain from our factory - one of professional China manufacturers and suppliers specialized in dehumidifier with drain. Step by Step Procedure in Eliminating Moisture Problems in Your Crawl Space, Finding the Best Crawl Space Dehumidifier – Factors to Consider, AlorAir Basement/Crawlspace Dehumidifiers, Aprilaire 1850F Large Basement Pro Dehumidifier. Overall, this unit is equipped with impressive features for heavy-duty jobs and regular maintenance of humidity levels. Consider these options if you’re using your dehumidifier in a crawl space, rental property, or location you don’t often visit: Check your dehumidifier and pump when you first install it. Here are the best dehumidifiers for crawl spaces we highly recommend: These are the features you can find in these dehumidifiers: Say goodbye to musty odor and molds growth in your crawl space or basement. This is the standard for the American Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) [1]. By clicking "Close" or continuing to use this website, you agree to the, Reviews, Caparisons, and Guides for Everything Home-Related, What’s The Best Corded Stick Vacuum? Fortunately, since the bathroom is a small room, you also can use a small dehumidifier. Gregory has been working in the industry for over ten years. Make sure it is portable enough that you can carry or wheel it around this spot. Because your crawl space dehumidifier is likely to be running continuously throughout the day, the rate of energy consumption is essential for saving on costs. It is very compact, so you should have no problems installing it in tight crawl spaces. The drain hose this comes with is short, so you might need to order a longer one. Was: $449.99. Then, find out how severe your problem is to know what rate of dehumidification you need. of moisture per day and has an indicator light that alerts you when the power is on and the bucket is full. (11) 11 product ratings - Pro Breeze® Moisture Absorber Mini Dehumidifier for Small Spaces - Gun Safe. Free shipping. The primary benefit is that it has a pump so you can run water vertically for more drainage options. mini dehumidifier features a This 3.2 pt. Ivation (IVALDH70PW) 70 Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier - Large-capacity for Spaces up to 4 500. $305.50. Check out if you can easily connect the drain hose to the drain. The unit can cover an area of up to 2,800 sq ft and operates as a set and forget unit. The one downside is it doesn’t include a remote display panel, so adjustments need to be made directly through the dehumidifiers console. Crawl spaces can become damp during the ordinary course of a day, especially in high humidity climates. Below are what we found to be the best dehumidifiers for crawl space maintenance. The unit can remove up to 16 gallons, or 128 pints, of moisture every day. Vremi 4,500 Sq. One way to solve that is by installing crawl space dehumidifiers. Saturation is considered 90% humidity, so if you have a significant problem, this may be the right choice. This can help to quickly eliminate excess water before mold and mildew have a chance to form. water reservoir is full and audibly alert you to empty it. When looking for the best dehumidifier for crawl space use, the higher this number the better. These small dehumidifiers come in a stylish black plastic body that saves on space. Unlike other dehumidifiers out there, this is simple to set up. If you have this problem at home, invest in a good crawl space dehumidifier. for pricing and availability. Looking for a crawl space dehumidifier that will still work in low temperature settings? How Does Humidity Affect Temperature and What Should it Be in Your House. This model covers up to 3,000 sq ft and can remove up to 35 pints of water per day when in continual usage mode. Compare; Find My Store. If you buy a dehumidifier with a max coverage of 1,300 square feet, but your crawl space is 2,500 square feet, the unit will not be able to clear the area efficiently. This unit automatically pumps out excess water. This means that more moisture is removed from air at a specific time. If you have a significant problem under your crawl space, you will want something more than a bathroom dehumidifier designed for smaller spaces. High capacity: This small-room dehumidifier holds the most capacity. You don’t need to remove the water tray all the time as you can install a hose to allow it to continuously drip out. A built-in humidistat will make your life much easier when trying to set and regulate your crawl space dehumidifier. You want first to measure the surface area and volume of your crawl space to see what size dehumidifier you need. You want to get it set up and then calibrate the settings and leave it. It is also easier to transport because of its size and weight. It has a defrosting feature. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. The Ivation 70 Pint is another non-commercial grade dehumidifier suitable for low humidity environments. Compare their performance and choose those that can take away gallons of excess moisture. One of the things we like about this is you have plenty of options for installation. Too busy to empty it manually? Cut the hose to an adequate length (as small as possible), and take it to the floor drain.