This salon is dedicated to providing great service, a relaxing atmosphere and well being in a celebration of beauty. For her dramatic single-process color change, Blitstein consults expert stylist and colorist Marilyn Lizardo, who informs her that plum is a surprisingly versatile shade. • Pop out of the shower, and gently towel-dry your hair without rubbing. For blue eyes, you’ll want a shade of plum with warm undertones to complement that icy cool gaze. This rose plum is multi-dimensional and can suit dark and cool-toned skin. This hair color option involves transitioning from your natural hair color at the root to a beautiful plum shade on the ends of your hair, seamlessly fading down the length of your mane for a gradient effect. Keep reading for a list of our favorite plum hair color inspo right now. This color works great both on light and dark hair. A clarifying shampoo is perfect for slowly and methodically fading out semi-permanent hair colors, including plum hair color. Add some vegetable to your fruit-inspired hair color with a pretty eggplant plum color. Plum has never looked so subtle than in a chocolate tone. Eye makeup can make a big difference, especially for those making the switch to plum hair color from a lighter hair color. You will see hair dye start to come out along with the mixture. This gradient plum hairstyle really celebrates the dark roots, as it allows to slowly and gradually progress into a lighter smokier plum through the mids and ends. The classic plum color is great for everyone, but it suits blue or hazel eyes best — warm-toned skin can pull this style off as well! While the styling is sleek, the plum hair color is bright and fruity, with a lot of zest. If your eyes are blue, you’re sure to wow. As far as darkness is concerned, plum hair actually tends to work just as beautifully for those with light skin as it does for those with darker skin. This might mean switching to a foundation with more coverage, using a bit more concealer in your makeup routine, or color correcting – this totally depends on your application styles and the starting condition and color of your skin. Playing with the complementary color (green) or a split complementary color scheme (blue and yellow) can be really unique, but is much tougher to match. Separate out a smaller subsection from the section, and with the brush apply the plum hair dye just a little bit away from the roots. Just looking at this hair is making me feel a little drunk! Major hair color changes often require a style re-examination, so we’ve included some makeup and fashion tips for plum hair color so you can make sure your whole look from head to toe is as cohesive as can be. By warm undertones we mean skin that leans a little bit towards yellow, with veins that appear greenish and very little redness in the skin. This dark long bob is sophisticated, showcasing the subtlest cool plum balayage along the ends. The simplest method is to bleach the color out of your hair or to neutralize it with a different hair dye. This will take around 35 minutes or so, although check your box of hair dye to confirm. A touch of mascara and eyeliner will bring out your eyes and make sure that your features don’t get lost behind the attention-grabbing hair color. Mix a small amount of dye and apply it to a single strand of hair that would normally be under the rest of your hair so it is not visible in your day to day, and then see if you like its color. • In a bowl mix one-part vitamin C powder and one-part clarifying shampoo – you may also choose to add a bit of water or more shampoo if you find that the mixture is too thick. Those with cool skin, which has pinkish undertones, as well as those with totally neutral skin, can actually wear any kind of plum hair, as the purplish tones tend to be extremely flattering no matter which direction they lean in. This red-based plum hair color gives a magnificent wine effect to the hair, and the blend of both lighter and darker streaks of it ensures maximum volume. This is one of the most interesting takes on plum hair color that we’ve seen so far. This frosty color looks especially fashionable this season. Thinner streaks of warm plum hair dye add a lot of brightness, especially around the face. On the other hand, those with olive skin, which appears very green, are actually better off opting for an extra cool plum hair color that has very little redness in it. The great thing about plum hair is that it plays nicely with almost all lipstick colors. This is one of those style hair colors that are not too out there. Think of bleach as a last resort, as it is quite damaging to the hair. Take these colors and the final scheme into account when choosing a lip and blush color, as well. If you prefer more pink in your plum and aren’t afraid to go bold, then magenta is for you! If you’re looking to change up your color this season, it can be tough to decide with so many choices out there!