These punchy quotes inspire, illuminate, and humor as they teach. 2. The weak warrior wearing sandals overcomes the brave with a thorn in his foot. It is one word of advice that one needs to give to a wise man, and that word keeps multiplying in his mind. Nigerian Proverbs (440 Proverbs) A lizard that fell from the top of a tree wastes its time looking back to where it fell from; if there was anything good the lizard deserved, it could not have missed it while it was there on top of the tree. (Those that advise you are on your side). A dead person shall have all the sleep necessary. (When you … Know when to apply these proverbs to a particular occasion. 2. My task was to present and critique Friedemann Golka's book "The Leopard's Nigeria. Good luck. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Chọọ ewu ojii ka chi dị Make hay while the sun shines 4. Translation: Bowl goes, calabash comes Explanation: It was a very common occurrence in traditional Jamaican life, to see covered dishes carrying some delicious meal being borne by a child, and bound for some neighbour’s home. It could cause a good laugh and give you an insight into how deep the culture is. This was a presentation for the third annual Berlin-Oxford Summer School in biblical studies, delivered June 18th, 2018 at Humboldt University of Berlin. Man holding neck of a snake: If you hold a snake by the head what is left is only a string. “To get lost is to learn the way” 2. A child breaks … According to my grandfather, it doesn't make much sense to ask the hunter how was his hunt especially if you saw him come in with a bunch of mushrooms in his hand. These proverbs describe everything from the nature around the tribes to everyday tribal life and culture. There’s something about Pidgin English that just makes the mood lighter and makes everything seem so funny. Young people perfectly realize that sayings of our elders are a real understanding. Wisdom is like a baobab tree; no one individual can embrace it. (What used to be hard is now simple. More than one modern African leader has turned to the wisdom of proverbs in order to affirm decisions and to gain popular support and respect. An ant-hill that is destined to become a giant ant-hill will definitely become one, no matter how many times it is destroyed by elephants. Ghanaian Proverbs: A proverb is a terse expression which conveys a traditionally held truth based on common sense.Proverbs are not just exclusive to Africa. (If you catch the leader of your enemy his followers will be helpless.) When the laborer is praised, his cutlass begins to cut more keenly. Water does not ferment on its own. Being happy in one's home is better than being a chief. 20 African Proverbs; Origin and Meaning. This article provides you with Yoruba proverbs and their meanings. 2. Literally: A child breaks a snail, not a tortoise. The Nigerian proverb means that an African man will forever be the head despite of their height or skin tone. 2. Nigerian Proverbs. It was also customary, although certainly not mandatory, for the bearer to return with something for the sender, perhaps in a packy (calabash scraped and used as a bowl). A farmer who would not work inside the rain and would not work under the sun, would have nothing to harvest at the end of the farming year. Know when to apply these proverbs to a particular occasion. Proverbs play an important part in African cultures all across the continent. “Ears that do not listen to advice, accompany the head when it is chopped off.” 5. Nigerian proverbs are funny, but the majority are usually very deep and said in native dialects.Some Nigerian proverbs are cultural, and others are general.Some proverbs are not even unique to Nigeria, they are part of the many funny African proverbs said across the continent.Nigerian proverbs have deep meanings to them, some you may not understand from the get … A cat has nine lives. 3. Common proverbs and sayings are the grass roots of our cultures, even more so for the oral African traditions. Meaning: You don’t jump straight into a situation … I have come to love wise sayings and proverbs not because I am an African, but largely because the human mind is itching to hear something new like catchy words, quotes or sayings from different cultures.