... Don’t miss Maine Audubon’s annual native plant sale and festival on June 13 at Gilsland Farm, in Falmouth. Photo by Donald G. Bennett. Start time: 10:00 AM. Please note the display name will appear on screen when you participate. By listing these sales we are in no way endorsing any specific sale or sales. Yes, they will cost more, but for those of you whose income has not been harmed by the epidemic, think of all the money you are saving by not going to movies, eating at restaurants or seeing plays and concerts. You can spend a bit of that savings by paying more for plants and helping your local businesses. Shop locally. One exception: Patty Carton of Growing to Give in Brunswick said her group is doing its first sale this year. Audubon's native plants database draws its plant data from the North American Plant Atlas of the Biota of North America Program (BONAP) Enter your 5-digit zip code to use Audubon’s native plants database and explore the best plants for birds in your area, as … Success. Native plant sales: Our native plant sales are finished for 2020. Already have one? While the group will probably limit some of the special projects it does, the sale does not provide money to pay staff, so the loss of income won’t threaten Maine Audubon’s existence. totalViews: function() { Northern Alexandria Native Plant Sale 2020, Alexandria Come find native perennials, shrubs, and trees for sun or shade. Enter using password Maine Native Plants. [ Download the 2020 Native Plant Sale catalog here! ] This sale is held twice a year. Hargest did say she knows of a couple of nonprofit groups organizing sales, but that most were canceled. COVID-19 precautions in-place include: That sale won’t be held this year. Although gardeners won’t be able to look at the plants in person, they can find out everything they need to know about them. Use the form below to reset your password. Though some will move to an online format, the in-person events will be missed. Native plant sales: Our native plant sales are finished for 2020. In addition to the array of plants grown in Audubon’s greenhouse, the event features information tables for other nonprofit groups and speakers. “Bringing Nature Home” has also been a rich opportunity for Maine Audubon to engage with key partners, including with the innovative Wild Seed Project. var cookieString = "MSPAN_Paywall_user=0; domain=. Please check back for details. } Thanks to everyone who purchased plants! Thorn Creek Audubon members volunteer to safely deliver plants to customers in place of the usual plant pick-up day at Homewood Izaak Walton Preserve. [PLEASE NOTE: Pre-sale ordering for the 2020 Native Plant Sale ended on April 30th. But the sale will be online ordering at growingtogive.farm and pickup will be May 22 and 23. 2019 Plant Sales in Maine. }()); (function(){ }()); By submitting your email address you agree to our. In fact, the United States has planted over 62,500 square miles – some 40 million acres – of lawn! Even a modest increase in the native plant cover on suburban properties greatly increases the diversity of insects, birds, and other animals that use the landscape. They bought 2,800 plugs (industry term for small seedlings), grew even more plants from seed, had many plants of five or six species that they started growing last year and never became developed enough to be sold until late last fall and are ready now. Audubon has a lot of plants and will be selling them. Plants must be ordered in advance by May 3, 2020; Plant prices vary; For ordering and selection, please contact Andy Chapin, Land Steward, at Andy.Chapin@audubon.org or 203-930-1348. The Maine Native Plant Finder is an online search tool to help you find the native plants best suited for specific sites, that provide the greatest ecological function and benefit, and that complement your landscape design. } The spring sale is the last Saturday in April. More than 100 species of Oregon wildflowers, shrubs and trees will be available to enhance your yard, woodland or stream bank. Login. View Website for Maine Audubon Native Plant Sale (Falmouth) Get Directions Saturday, June 15, 2019. But many of us still have a yearning for a perfectly mowed, typically non-native grass lawn. to help you find the native plants best suited for specific sites, that provide the greatest ecological function and benefit, and that complement your landscape design. This is a perfect opportunity to support local businesses that are adapting during COVID-19. Hi {SUB NAME}, to comment on stories you must create a commenting profile. date.setHours(date.getHours() - 1); if (cookieName.test(cookies[i])) { though it was not yet available to the public. About the Native Plant Sale . Opening Soon. We still have trees and shrubs remaining from our Fall 2020 Native Tree and Plant Sale! Say they are free for the taking. Bushnell said most garden clubs used the plant-sale profits to provide scholarships and do other civic projects, so the scholarships might be less and the projects, smaller. Dr. Tallamy studies the number of insects attracted by various plants and trees, particularly those common in urban and suburban landscapes. Down East Advertising. People interested in purchasing native plants for their gardens can do so online, followed by a physically distanced pickup at NH Audubon… “But nothing is a sure thing at the moment.”. Here’s why. If so, you should consider patronizing our native plant sale. Through this initiative, Maine Audubon has worked with preschool children and their families to learn about pollinators and plant milkweed at Gilsland Farm; we’ve taught students at elementary schools in Portland to propagate seeds, and about insects and their relationship to plants and birds; we’ve led middle school students on projects investigating Maine birds’ food webs and redesigning the landscaping at their school. Topper said Audubon has just finished an online database that will allow people to ask about specific plants by “site conditions, size, bloom time and particular benefits to wildlife,” though it was not yet available to the public. var date = new Date(); The Audubon Society of Central Maryland (ASCM) will hold its 21st annual Native Plant Sale Saturday, April 25, 2020. That will help local nonprofit groups. "use strict"; The same kind of plants that would have been available at the nonprofit groups’ sales will be available at locally owned nurseries, farm stands and farmers markets. Sponsor: Maine Audubon. Be the first to know when we launch. document.cookie = cookieString; The concept for “Bringing Nature Home” comes from the book of that title by Dr. Doug Tallamy, an entomologist at the University of Delaware. Promotions, … 2nd annual PVAS Native Plant Sale: Promoting Pollinators in the Panhandle Saturday, May 20, 2017, 9am-4pm behind the Shepherdstown Public Library PVAS annually invites vendors to sell high-quality native plants that benefit pollinators. var cookieString2 = "MSPAN_Paywall_user=0; domain="+document.location.host+"; path=/; expires=" + date.toGMTString(); There are pick up options at Norwood Rd, N Bloodworth in downtown, and King Lawrence Rd and Trinity Rd in Cary/Raleigh. A dozen or more vendors from three states (VA, MD, PA) will be hosted at this event, the largest commercial native plant sale in the D.C. metro region. Sign in or Subscribe Maine Audubon, Falmouth, ME. }; var mediaContent = "media\\:content,content"; return 0; 4500 Springer Blvd, Little Rock, 72206. Lakeland Audubon Society Native Plant Sale Do you like to garden? 5th Annual Native Plants Sale hosted by Maine Audubon. Our Fall Native Plant Sale will again be held through online ordering and curbside pickup to ensure the safety of all involved. He can be contacted at: [email protected]. As our population grows, wild landscapes are increasingly replaced with suburban backyards, grass lawns punctuated with non-native perennials and shrubs that support very few species of wildlife. Instead, leave them at the end of your driveway (if it is safe to stop there), in pots if possible, with labels providing the name of the plant and color of the flower. 16K likes. “We really boosted production for this year,” Topper said. People do it with ratty sofas and armchairs. //]]> More information » } Suzanne Bushnell of Harpswell, who manages the calendar on the Garden Club Federation of Maine website in addition to being director of the New England Garden Clubs, said all sales she knows about have been canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. Many such sales are sponsored by local garden clubs. Dozens of adults have participated in our native plant walks and seed sowing workshops, and we’ve met hundreds more through our outreach to garden clubs and nurseries. This year, the sale has moved online and also boasts a new native plant finder feature; an online tool that helps you choose the best plant for your site conditions and provides the greatest ecological function and benefit. You will receive an email to complete the registration. Saturday, November 28, 2020 at 8:00am Central. Paywall: { In addition to our yards and local green spaces becoming opportunities to recruit and train new naturalists, they become refuges for species of plants and trees facing real challenges across broader landscapes. Celebrate Ohio’s Native Plant Month with Aullwood Audubon’s NATIVE PLANT SALE Aullwood Audubon, Dayton Ohio Call 937-280-4780 or email AskUs@aullwood.org Pre-Order Deadline April 30 Local Plant Deliveries May 9 — May 16 from 8 AM to 7 PM Due to the current coronavirus situation, Aullwood’s 2020 Native Plant Sale will be pre-order only. By providing your email address you consent to receive emails and offers from MaineToday Media, Maine Gardener: Socialization of plant sales will be missed. The two-week event will take place on the Bagley Pond website: bagleypondperennials.com. Please wait for the page to reload. Native Plant Sale to benefit NH Audubon Fall is a great time to refresh and enhance your garden with native plants! Native Plant Sale » New Jersey Audubon fosters environmental awareness and a conservation ethic among New Jersey’s citizens; protects New Jersey’s birds, mammals, other animals, and plants, especially endangered and threatened species; and promotes preservation of … Maine Audubon partners with City of Portland to create wildlife-friendly area on Franklin Street, Creating an environmentally-friendly home, Bringing Nature Home: Behind the scenes at our native plants sales, Nature Play, Native Plants, and Local Birds: Maine Audubon webinar series at Springvale Library focuses on outdoor exploration, 20 Gilsland Farm Road, Falmouth, Maine 04105. window.MSPAN = { If you want to be super thoughtful, you might add to the label whether or not the plant needs sun or what its growth habits are. 2020 Native Plant Market at the LRAC (Online Order/Curbside Pickup) This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Share this event. "+document.location.host.replace(/^\w+\./, '')+"; path=/; expires=" + date.toGMTString(); Please check your email to confirm and complete your registration. return val; See Offers. Early Bird Gets the Worm. That task results in plants that might be offered at a plant sale. Watch: Doug Tallamy presented on “Bringing Nature Home” at this 2016 Maine Audubon Speaker Series event: This work has been made possible by the generous support of Jim & Ann Hancock. This profile is in addition to your subscription and website login. Thanks also to Doug Tallamy for his inspiration and collaboration. Our individual efforts to support pollinators, birds, and other native wildlife can be … Thanks to everyone who purchased plants! When you've submitted your account email, we will send an email with a reset code. Join Maine Audubon’s Director of Education, Eric Topper, to explore the plants, practices and perks involved in restoring native food webs in our gardens, yards and communities. “A couple of clubs have told me they’re thinking of possibly having fall perennial sales,” Bushnell said. The Plant Sale is WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. We will learn to sow perennial wildflower seeds for no-maintenance outdoor germination over the winter. She said the Harpswell club where she is a member is planning to sell chrysanthemums in the fall. for (var i = 0; i < cookies.length; i++) { Greenwich Audubon Center is a vibrant nature education center located at the main 285-acre Audubon … document.cookie = cookieString2; At this time, a major task is to remove or divide plants that are crowding each other. Log in to join the discussion. At this time, all Native Plant Trust sanctuaries are open only to local residents to avoid overcrowding. For several years, Maine Audubon has been expanding programming around the critical value of wildlife-friendly plants to our state.