Their 250 employees are based out of Plainview, N.Y. International Integrated Solutions recently worked on IT solutions for a fragrance retail company. AWS was the first cloud computing and offering infrastructure as a service in 2008 and has never looked back as it launches new services at a breakneck pace and is creating its own compute stack that aims to be more efficient and pass those savings along. Headquartered in London, Opinov8 Technology Services is a technology solutions company that was founded in 2016. But for the companies that can accelerate their multi-cloud strategies, the payoffs are significant. DevOps act as a medium to perform development tasks in a progressive way with sheer dedication. HIPAA Vault is a cloud consulting company based in San Marcos, Calif. SADA Systems, with a team of 350+ employees, is a software consulting agency that was founded in 2000. The services include custom software development, Big Data, AI/ML, IoT, and cloud solutions. The platform is powered by real-time HD maps, and the engineers are responsible for the cloud-based architecture and robotaxi technology that aims to enable self-driving cars in the future. Ibexlabs is an IT services agency based in Princeton, N.J., with a secondary location in Hyderabad, India. Sumo Logic delivers the only cloud-native, real-time machine data analytics platform that provides continuous intelligence. What it offers: Netuitive, a predictive analytics platform for physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure. "They have an outstanding communication approach. , CES Innovations Award “The overall solutions that International Integrated Solutions, Ltd designed have been bulletproof and redundant when needed.” — Senior Systems Administrator, Fragrance Retail Company. Manage traditional Windows clients with Active Directory domain-joined identity. Founded in 2012, this company has around 30 employees. The client expresses gratitude for their excellent support and transparent, dedicated approach. The QA engineers don’t let errors slip through. "They were able to take the high-level requirements and make suggestions on how to build out the new architecture." What it offers: PlanningIT, an integrated IT planning and business IT management software … TechMagic created various applications using JavaScript and Native Mobile stack. What it offers: Opscode Chef, an open source systems integration framework; Opscode Private Chef, an on-premises cloud infrastructure automation hardware appliance; Opscode Hosted Chef, cloud infrastructure automation software delivered as a service. Our Cloud Management Company engages with clients through partnerships. Intellias is developing a location data platform for a global leader in location-based services. With One Identity (a Quest Software company) cloud services, we’ll help you manage users and access challenges as you move to the cloud. Hostersi is a cloud services company based in Rybnik, Poland. DataFactZ impressed the client successfully implementing the technologies, solving issues, and guiding the project along at a consistent pace. Google Cloud Platform. The startup had limited experience in web development, so Binariks provided all the coding, design, and development services for the app. Working in Jenkins and Prometheus on AWS, the team optimized the client's web app. It currently has more than 130 employees in several locations: Santa Monica, Calif., San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Portland, Ore., Chicago, Boston, Austin, Texas, Miami, and Bucharest, Romania. UptimeCloud captures pricing information in real time and feeds it into its rating and pricing engine, says Uptime CTO Alex Bewley. Their communication is usually good: I can reach my contact at any time.” – Founder, Indoor Climbing App Company. They always provide us with practical, actionable guidance and education." How it works: PlanningIT is a suite of modules, each covering a specific aspect of architecture-based strategic IT planning. Intellias impressed with their solid talent acquisition process and quality standards. The partnership is ongoing with Caserta building a cloud-based infrastructure to move the hospitality company's data into a single place. Since being founded in 2000, their team has grown to about 87 employees. What it offers: Strangeloop Site Optimizer Service, software delivered via the cloud and providing scalable, on-demand optimization for cloud- based Web sites; also available as a hardware network device or virtual appliance. Their services help with license purchasing options for different clients. We don't have any surprises at the end of the month as a result. The staging of environments was completed successfully. , SIIA CODiE Award Prakash Software Solutions developed a unique digital solution for their retail client, providing unmatched expertise within their industry for a tailored solution that led to increased sales and KPIs. – Sr. , 2014 Contract IQ Top iOS Developers in India In terms of revenue, Microsoft’s Azure is number two, but Azure is essentially a … Maven Wave Partners is an IT services company based in Chicago, IL. Copyright © 2011 IDG Communications, Inc. – Manager, City Transportation Authority, Microsoft Gold Partner Because of the software, our Bootcamp revenue stream is now bigger.” – Owner, Fitness Company. “ I appreciate having a project coordinator on board. Kin + Carta is a tech-centered management consultancy based in Chicago. With over 220 employees, Unity Group provides its clients with custom software development, Kentico-based implementations, IT systems integrations, machine learning and business intelligence solutions, master data management, omnichannel strategy and e-commerce solutions development, legacy system transformation, and digital transformation guidance. If we had any questions regarding the organization, *instinctools addressed it." The client especially appreciated ScaleFocus' autonomous capability, which allowed them to focus on their main business goals. "The SF team is self sufficient with an organizational structure of managers and leads, taking requirements from the internal team and driving tasks to completion." They're knowledgeable about the different technologies we've been working on. The curator hired CloudVolve to facilitate data migration for their platform. — Senior Director, Nonprofit Trade Organization. Data backup and security vendor Acronis bought cloud management software company 5nine. They specialize in custom software development, big data consulting, cloud consulting, system integration, and web development. They asked for our opinions based on their recommendations at every step. What is offers: V-Commander, private cloud management. The government agency appreciated that SADA Systems modified their approach to fit the client's needs. The XMS Cloud Management Platform offers the ultimate solution for IT managers deploying or owning a large install base of ClickShare and/or wePresent wireless collaboration devices. This resulted in positive client feedback. Once that's completed, IT can provide users a catalog of services and then centrally and consistently manage provisioning, access, administration, security, audit and chargeback, the company says. ELEKS created a tool that helped a production tracking firm track and manage its operations data. The resource managed to enter a project that was already running and handle tight deadlines.” – Head of Development, E-commerce Group. They also assisted with UX. Number of For-Profit Companies 141 Top Funding Types Seed , Series B , Venture - Series Unknown , Series A , Series C This list of companies and startups in the cloud management space that have been acquired provides data on their funding history, investment activities, and acquisition trends. "We’ve worked with them to ensure that we could own this internally, that it wouldn’t just be in a black box that we couldn’t understand. Instinctools developed several programs for PLCs, the processing units for manufacturing automation, and interfaces for users. IT Svit build a new backend infrastructure that automates customer provisioning and deployment. "The partnership is a mutual investment. Cloud management and integration solutions company CloudBolt Software announced it has raised $35 million in Series B funding, comprised of equity and venture debt. SADA Systems is headquartered in Los Angeles, with an office in Washington. The partnership is ongoing. They care about enhancing our productivity and we’re committed to this long-term relationship. ScienceSoft is a software development and IT consulting company headquartered in McKinney, Texas. ScaleFocus created an e-commerce website for a Bulgarian soccer gambling site. Today’s cloud industry is defined by diversity: more infrastructure and application options, more cloud services, and more management and ops tools than ever before. With offices in Ukraine and Spain, the team of 88 works with mid-market and small businesses in the financial services, advertising, marketing, gambling, hospitality, IT, and media industries. Morpheus v5.0 adds 1-click XaaS, FinOps reports, and more. , Great Place to Work Certified. Softchoice. And that's where PlanningIT can help. “End Point is very transparent about what they're working on in terms of providing complete details. , Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce Innovation Award - Silver. They started by building out the client's content delivery platform using PHP and MySQL and created native iOS and Android apps. 2. The ability to build and deploy on any cloud; Since 1989, the company has helped Fortune 500 and mid-sized businesses across the world solve complex digital challenges. ScienceSoft's attention to detail in how everything is documented and communicated is by far the best of any agency that I've worked with. They provided great resources and everything worked out well between our teams for that project.” – Technical Architect, IT Services Company. What it offers: Jamcracker Platform, cloud services delivery and life-cycle management. – SVP, HR Software Company, AWS Certified Consulting Partner (2017) Their customer service approach makes them stand out. – Commercial Director, Automation Firm. The analysts are awesome; it’s a pleasure talking with them." I am dealing with customers and sales managers from five different geographies, and English is their second language and never once did they have any issues understanding." A variety of third parties, Jamcracker among them, has risen to the challenge of providing a central point of control for cloud services. , Horizon Interactive Awards , Los Angeles Business Journal: 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies Analytics have been tracking the app for months, with zero crash reports received. At the time of this review, the app had not launched. The team specializes in cloud consulting, IT managed services, big data consulting, cybersecurity, AR/VR development, and IoT development. “Each and every project has been a success.” – Founder, Business Services Firm, Named Outsourcing Service Provider of the Year by the Global Sourcing Association. TechMagic provided web and mobile application development for an enterprise-level startup in the HR tech domain. Their team of approximately 3,000 focuses primarily on enterprise clients in the financial services and health care fields. Why it's worth watching: Assuring end users have a great application experience can be a heavy burden for modern IT operations. N-iX provides development services for a computer software company. , Silicon Valley’s Top 10 Fastest-Growing Companies (2019) — Administrative Director, Nonprofit. With the additional Apica ServerMonitor, IT organizations can compare performance data and integrate system data from behind the firewall with load test data. "The developers are very careful to deliver a quality product from the start. , G Suite Partner. How it works: Strangeloop Site Optimizer is an expert system that learns the resource usage patterns of a site and dynamically applies best practice coding techniques by rewriting pages, without requiring any source code modifications. — Global Online Marketing Manager, Solar Panel Manufacturer, Salesforce Partner Innovation Awards Winner (2015, 2016, 2017). How it works: Using the Jamcracker Platform, enterprise IT can integrate user provisioning, administration and single sign-on functions. The event companies need increasingly more data and services from the cloud to operate their enterprise correctly as well as in a properly-experienced manner. Why it's worth watching: Netuitive has been talking up the benefits of an analytic layer that lies across the entire IT stack, aggregating disparate monitoring data and serving it up a meaningful way to help IT organizations forecast performance. The company is headquartered in Lviv, Ukraine, has a second office in Port Orange, Fla., and consists of 105 employees. 6 Modernizing to a new Cloud Data Management platform helps your organization detect, prevent and defend against cyberthreats. I think they’ve always gone above and beyond the agreed-upon scope to make sure our customers and their customers are happy." Their work increases the average page stack and average time on site by 50%. Services include mobile app development, cloud consulting, and more. Bluewolf designed marketing automation tools for a solar panel manufacturer based on the Eloqua platform, in collaboration with the client's Salesforce CRM system.